New year, blog and sketchbooks!

Phew! A blog! Writing at The Drawing Club blog has given me a whetted appetite for blogging, so I just had to try it for myself. Who would have thought… I´ve been trying to make Blogger show this blog on my homepage instead, but it doesn´t work. Or, yes, I can make it publish the whole thing on my site, except for the images. They don´t show. I decided to simply keep my blog here at Blogger instead. At least until I find a better solution.

I´ll start this blog by showing my new sketchbooks. The small one is made from an old leather cover of a book (“Runebergs samlade verk”) bound with new paper inside. It´s small enough to fit into a bag or a pocket so this one will go with me all the time. The big yellow one is made following a description at (great inspiration for art journals there, if you ask me). The size (A4) is bigger than I´m used to, and I can´t wait to start ruining the pages of these two. I still have a few pages left in my old sketchbooks, and I promised myself to fill those completely before indulging in my new books. I will post images here as I start working in them.


Lovely new blog – like the background! Just wanted to say the art on your website is wonderful. Your use of composition made me go Wow!

Wow, the first comment on my blog ever! You just got a place in my personal historybook! 🙂 Thanks, I´m glad you like my art!

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