Improvized X-mas decoration

We have relocated twice this year, due to our landlord´s renovation of the area we live in, and in a few months we are going to move once more to a slightly bigger apartment. To make this year a little easier, we decided not to carry ALL our stuff around every time we move. Instead we stored a lot of our belongings elsewhere and kept only the things we knew for sure we would need during the year. Unfortunately we managed to store all our Christmas decorations. We try to keep up a good mood by simply calling our Christmas approach “minimalistic”.

Today I noticed this little still life on one of our loudspeakers. Apparently my dear M had stumbled upon ONE tiny piece of Christmas ornament, and to give the poor thing some kind of company over Christmas, he put it between the two African wooden dolls. I don´t know, I think all three look equally surprised by the situation, but I´m sure they´ll get used to it.

Decorations or not, I know we will have a nice Christmas anyway, and wish all of you the same!

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