Another life drawing session

Last night me and a friend went to another life drawing session near where I live. The lighting in this place is a bit funny, there´s virtually no shadows on the models, so I usually just concentrate on line drawing here.

I really liked the model this time. I usually find slim models really difficult to draw, but this woman had a lot of curves in spite of her slender figure, and she was really good at making poses that were both beautiful and challenging. My first thought when I saw her was that she looked EXACTLY as I imagined Modesty Blaise in reality when I was a kid. (I read a lot of MB back then.)

The original drawings are about A4 size, or slightly bigger. Here, they are scanned, resized and put together in Photoshop. (I did a bit of a sloppy work with scanning them, I know, but I blame it on a double attack of migraine earlier today. On me, not the scanner.)

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