Getting back to normal

We are finally done with the move, and after two weeks of packing, carrying, piling, throwing stuff away, carrying some more, unpacking and fixing things, we almost feel like we have a home again. And then it took us more than a week after all this to get back online – turns out an internet connection is harder to move than a ton of cardboard boxes and furniture…

Some of our stuff, mostly furniture, kitchen gear and books, have been stored for over a year while our landlord was renovating the block and we were moving around for a bit. Getting these items back two weeks ago was a blast. Some of the stuff was carried off directly to the dustheap (“what were we thinking when we stored that one??”), but opening the boxes I felt like a kid at Christmas. I had no idea what I was going to find in them, having completely forgotten about what we put in them for storage.

The return of my grandmother´s old secretaire (drawn above) felt almost like the return of a trusted old friend. It´s like a big warm heart in our livingroom. We still have some stuff to sort out and put away, some boxes to unpack and so on, but we are slowly getting back to normal. We have a home again.

Anyway, I am back online, and this blog will be updated more frequently again. And thank you, I was overwhelmed by all your nice comments and good wishes on my last post – it was much appreciated.

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