Every day in May no. 20

I had a bit more time to draw today, and took a stroll through the center of Stockholm and jotted down a few lines here and there. Sunday mornings are perfect for drawing, the tourists haven´t yet come out of their hotels, the shops are closed so the inhabitants of Stockholm aren´t out either. The only drawback is that most cafes don´t open until ten o´clock…

Again, the small sized Moleskine Watercolor is hard to draw cityscapes in, it is too tiny. I never manage to squeeze in as much as I´d like to. I just can´t draw that small. For example, I wanted to have some of the modern buildings around the church on the topmost picture. The mix of old and new buildings is something I really like about Stockholm. But as I started sketching the tower, I realized after about eight seconds that there was no way I would even get the roofs of the modern buildings into the drawing. (That probably says more about the way I draw than the size of the paper – I´m sure I COULD get it all in there if I planned my drawing and measured everything in advance, but I´m just not like that.)

The good thing is that now there are only 13 pages left in this Moleskine baby. Maybe I´ll be able to fill them before the end of May, and then I can finally start drawing in my new book!

The drawings are all done on small Moleskine Watercolor pages, with a Lamy Safari filled with Noodler´s Lexington Grey. The watercolors were added afterwards.

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