Life drawings

I went to a life drawing session last week, the first of this season. I felt all rusty, but after one and a half hour (e.g. just before the session finished…) I started to get a grip of things and my drawings started to shape up a bit. I did these two seven-minute poses in my Moleskine, and played around with the background afterwards.

I find that there´s a tremendous difference between models, some are easier to draw, and some take some time to get used to. It´s as if your eyes have to adjust to how the model´s body is built. It´s fun though, no matter if it´s a model you like or not. There aren´t many other moments during a normal work week when I am so totally concentrated and in a “zone” as during these life drawing sessions. It´s a bit like I imagine meditation. After a drawing session it´s like waking up to the real world again, as if I´ve been somewhere else for a while.

13 x 21 cm, pencil, coloured pencils and Copic marker airbrush on Moleskine sketchbook pages.

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