One minute sketches

I and a friend of mine went to the most unusual life drawing session I have ever been to the other night. The model was a man who practiced tai chi, karate, and an African form of yoga.

He divided the drawing session into three half-hours with one practice each, and he changed into the proper clothes before each half-hour. Then he moved around, stopping for one-minute poses every now and then.

We had our hands full trying to capture his poses. In the beginning I didn´t succeed at all, I got all stressed out by the short poses. But after a while you kind of get the fact that you only have one minute, so you have to speed up. After a while I managed to work up a drawing speed that was just about enough to capture the main lines.

After drawing one-minute poses for two hours I was exhausted. It was difficult, but really fun, and I got loads of incredibly good practice.

Cretacolor NERO pencil sketches on A3 cartridge paper.

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