Getting messy

I´ve decided to go out of my comfort zone even more these last few drawings of my December challenge (to draw from imagination every day). I am going to try a few landscapes in a very limited palette, plus I´ll be working with Neocolor II crayons dipped in water to try to avoid my usual controlled details.

I chose five light colours today, plus white, which made it kind of hard to achieve any real contrasts, but since the colours are very different from each other I thought I´d be able to get a feeling of light and shadow anyway. Sadly, the blue turned into green everywhere, since I didn´t manage to keep it clean from the yellow and yellow ochre, but I liked the exercise anyway.

I particularly like that this is more like painting than drawing. A Neocolor II crayon dipped in water gets very blunt after a while, so you have to lay down the colours in patches rather than lines, and you feel like you´re painting with a huge brush rather than drawing with a crayon. I also like the feeling of these crayons when wet, it´s like smearing melted butter. 🙂

15 x 20,5 cm, light grey Pitt brush pen and Neocolor II crayons on drawing paper.

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