Last page of first December sketchbook

When I started this December challenge of drawing something from imagination every day, I made two 14-page sketchbooks especially for this month. This drawing is the last page of the first of those folded books. Don´t know who it is, I just drew this face as an excuse to play with patterns and colour.

I thought I´d show you what the sketchbook itself looks like:

And, if you unfold it (it´s made by one single big sheet of paper), it looks like this:

I´ve been thinking that this would be a great way to fold, say, a watercolour paper if you´d like to make a bunch of smaller paintings during a journey, for example. It makes a sketchbook that´s easy to carry around, has fourteen pages, and when you unfold it, the paper is painted only on one side – i.e. you could easily cut loose the single paintings and frame them or send them as postcards or just… fold paper planes with them or whatever. 🙂

15 x 20,5 (x a bunch, to get the size of the large sheet of paper…), pencil and watercolour on drawing paper.

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