Café sketch

Went to a café yesterday, and did a rather quick sketch in ink while sipping a cappuccino. I did the watercolours when I got home, trying to convey the difference between the warm light inside the café and the colder light outside the windows. I think they look a bit too much the same, but I didn´t dare to lay down more layers of colour on this, since I think some of the dark areas are beginning to go numb.

People always look a bit wonky when I do sketches like this one, because I don´t dare to stare at them for too long when I´m so close to them. I kind of guess where the lines go half the time. I´m longing for summer when it´s easier to go out and draw outside, when you don´t have to sit right next to your subject…

16 x 11 cm, Lamy Safari with Noodler´s Lexington gray ink, and watercolours on Arches hot press watercolour paper.

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