Look, it´s a car!

I am getting more and more time for sketching now (since the summer holidays start in a few days from now), which probably means more frequent posting on this blog too. The last few weeks I have been incredibly busy with work, but now, slowly, a great Calm is beginning to find it´s way into my mind.

Anyway. Cars. I´m still practicing drawing cars every now and then, and this time I think I almost got it. I tried hard with this one not to think that I was drawing a Toyota, I just compared lines and lengths and angles as I do with any other subject I draw, and I think it turned out pretty well. Now I just need to make some more successful car drawings, so I don´t have to draw the conclusion that this was just beginner´s luck…

12 x 12 cm, Micron pen on Fabriano artistico hot press paper.

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