Week drawings

We all know drawing can´t be on the bottom of the priority list, right? That will just make you a grumpy and dull person. This is the reason I have come up with a new cunning plan to get some drawing done even when I have too much work to do and there seems to be no time for drawing. I am going to make a weekly spread in my sketchbook from now on. I start Mondays, mark a spread with week number and year, and then I just draw on the same spread throughout the week.

I think it´s a super plan; a spread isn´t that hard to fill in a week (depending on your sketchbook size…), I have no pressure to finish every sketch I start, no need to stick to a certain technique, and no need to rush anything. I will still have the feeling of accomplishment when the week is done and I sit there with a spread of fresh new drawings, plus I will have the benefit of NOT becoming that grumpy person due to lack of drawing. 🙂

I tried it this week, and it works like a charm. Of course, this will not be the only drawing I do from now on, but this will be the minimum in a week. Even busy weeks.

So… are there any followers out there? Huh? Weekly drawings, anyone? Aw, come on, you know you want to do it!

26 x 15 cm, PITT brush pens, Neopico fineliners and watercolours on Fabriano Artistico hot press paper.

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