Las Palmas #4, last one

These are the last two sketchbook pages from Las Palmas, and they are not from Las Palmas at all. They are from a little village called Puerto de Mogán by the southeast coast of Gran Canaria. A very picturesque place, a tad too many tourists hanging around the harbour and beach, but otherwise a still alive fishing village, with incredible steep narrow alleys between the houses climbing up the mountainside.

This is the place where the most people came up to talk to me while I was drawing. Some Germans, one or two Frenchmen, an English couple, three young Canarian boys, a man from the Netherlands, and the waitress at the café where I drew this rose and sugar castor – they all came up and asked if they could see what I was doing (or simply looked over my shoulder) and commented on my work (all in very kind words) and talked for a little while. It´s like I´ve always said: drawing IS a contact sport. It´s even better than babies and dogs.

13 x 18,5 cm, Lamy Safari with Noodler´s Polar Black ink and watercolours on sketchbook pages.

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