Watercolour sketch

I am playing around with watercolours a lot these days, just trying things out, letting the colours and the water get really messy on the paper. I found this paper the other day, a very odd kind with a surface that reminds me of canvas, and I had to try it out. This is the result of about an hour of play with watercolours and various odd objects I found at work.

I started with the yellowish frame – I put some very wet colour onto an actual metal frame I found lying around at work, and then quickly (otherwise the colour will run off) threw it down on the paper. I leaned the paper a bit, letting the yellow run around inside the frame. Then I went on with printing some textures onto the paper with various materials (cellular plastic, wood boards, cardboard) and painting the rest. I like the surprising textures you get from printing with watercolours – it is of course impossible to control a print like that, and they always end up completely different than you expected.

This sketch gave me some ideas for several new paintings, so I´m going on experimenting…

16,5 x 25 cm, watercolours and pencil on some strange Hahnemüle watercolour paper.

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