Ink tests

I have tried out the inks I ordered from Goulet pens some weeks ago (see earlier post) , and came to the conclusion that Platinum Carbon Black is going to cause a slight revolution in my drawing habits. There actually is an ink that is black, can be used in a fountain pen AND that I can splash watercolour over without dissolving the lines and smudging the colours. And I´m able to paint over the lines almost immediately after drawing. Heaven!

Platinum Pigmented Sepia is nice too, a light brown shade, very nice to draw with. It does dissolve a tiny little bit when washed over with watercolours, but little enough that I can live with it. The rest of the ink samples I got were not for me. Beautiful colours, nice behavior in the fountain pens, and perhaps even possible to paint over – but not immediately. I hate waiting for ink to dry!

Check out the images below to see how the inks behaved with watercolour. Click them if you want to see the details better, they are quite big. The text is in Swedish, but it´s mostly nonsense, so don´t ask for a translation. ; )



They say with pigmented inks (such as Platinum Carbon black) you have to take better care of your fountain pens, since the ink has a tendency to clog the pen if you leave it unused for some time. I have tried the Carbon black in both my Lamy Safaris and a Noodler´s Flex Nib pen since April 20th, sometimes leaving the pens unused for several days with ink in them. With the Lamys I have had no problems whatsoever (my darling Lamys…), while the Noodler´s pen has dried up twice. However, I only had to rinse the nib under running water (without disassembling the pen, just putting the nib under the tap) and wipe it off and it worked just fine again. I don´t know if this has to do with how airtight the pen cap is, or how the pen feed is constructed, or whatever. I am just saying: be a little careful with your pens with these inks. I´m going to give mine a rinse every time I refill the converter.

But still. Waterproof black fountain pen ink, huh? : )

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