Inspired by all the panoramas drawn during the Urban Sketchers symposium in Lisbon, I climbed Skinnarviksberget (Skinnarvik mountain – the ‘climbing’ is not really as great an effort as it sounds, though, it´s more of a height or a hill than a mountain…)  in Stockholm last week to try a panorama myself.

I usually find vast views incredibly tedious to draw, but this time it was ok. It´s almost meditative to sit and watch things happen from above, without taking part, just hearing a soft hum from a city in vacation mode. I had to go there twice to finish this, the heat was overwhelming the first time. I expected Lisbon to be hot, but Stockholm has been worse this summer.

42 x 17 cm, Namiki-Falcon pen with Platinum Carbon ink and watercolours on Arches Satinée 300 g watercolour paper.

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