Exhibiting in Vic-le-Comte



The Rendez vous du Carnet de Voyage is the most well-organized event I have ever been to – and it hasn’t even started yet!

Today I have been brought by car to (and from, in the evening) Vic-le-Comte, where I was to set up my exhibition of watercolours. I have had help all day to hang my paintings, print signs and price lists, and had a fantastic lunch mid-day. In the evening, the opening of the exhibition was also taken care of with drinks and speeches, people had been invited, the Mayor of Vic-le-Comte came by…

It has been a fantastic day, and I am so grateful for all the efforts made to make it work! A huge Thank you and lots of love to all who helped out, especially Pauline for organizing things in Vic, and Estelle for just knowing what to help me with all the time, even though I “don’t speak French” and you “don’t speak English”! : )


For all spelling mistakes and bad imagery in this little live blogging adventure, I blame the iPhone. I may accept some little responsibility for the fact that I only took photos way before the opening and when it was almost over. But you’d think a smartphone should be able to remind you somewhere in between, right?

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