Tellus poster


It´s time to tell what this December post was all about: I had the honor of doing the drawing for the spring program poster for the Tellus cinema theater in my neighborhood, and now it´s printed and out there. I sat in a shop window across the street from the cinema drawing this, it was a bit too cold for drawing outdoors.

Tellus bio is a super cozy place, a little cinema from the thirties, now run by a small organisation of local people. Apart from watching movies, you can come here to have a coffee, play board games, hear a lecture, listen to after work jazz, see a concert, join a life drawing session… It´s a great place for meeting people, and a true gem of Stockholm´s history.

Size A3 (29,7 x 42 cm), Namiki Falcon with Platinum Carbon black ink, and watercolours on Arches 640g watercolour paper.

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