Drawing at the Mediterranean museum


I have been drawing with two friends at the Mediterranean museum today (or The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities, as they state their name in English). I have been working with some other techniques than ink pen lately, to try to get out of my normal routine for a bit. Today a mechanical pencil with a really thick lead was my weapon of choice.

At the museum they have a huge collection of antique terracotta figurines from excavations in Cyprus, and they are hilarious! If you ever go there to see them, I promise you will have the urge to draw them. They come in all sizes from tiny to human size, and they all have their own personality. Some are very elaborately made, with clothes and hats and patterns all over, while others are just thumbed clay in some sort of human shape. I love the ones with only a big nose in the middle of their face. So simple, yet so expressive.

13 x 22 cm, pencil on some sort of drawing paper.

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