Hudson in Västberga


Not too far away from where we live, there is this old Hudson Commodore Six standing in a parking lot. You can see it´s been there for a while, from the almost flat tyre and cement blocks at the rear wheels to keep it from moving. It is so beautiful – in spite of the rust – an I have been wanting to draw it ever since I first spotted it in early spring. I finally did it today, the sun is shining like crazy and it´s really warm outside. I brought a stool, and spent a couple of hours there, and did two completely different drawings of the car.

Some people who live in this area stopped by for a chat while I was drawing. Turns out they are all very concerned about this car, they think it´s such a shame that it´s just standing there collecting rust. Of course I too think a car like this deserves to be taken care of by an enthusiast, but on the other hand – if it was taken care of, it would be tucked up in a nice garage somewhere out of sight, where I couldn´t draw it.

21 x 14 cm, Lamy Safari with Platinum Pigmented Sepia ink and watercolour on Plano 170 g drawing paper.

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