Of course, the façade!


I am back in Stockholm again! It´s good to be home. As always – no matter how great it is to travel, it is heaven to return home, even though it means a lot of unpacking, laundry, and in this case, a few DAYS of scanning!

I will keep posting a few more drawings from Sagrada Família here on the blog. It has been a fantastic experience to draw there, both because it is an intriguing subject to draw, but also because it was such a challenge to produce so many pages in such a short time. I counted the pages in my sketchbooks yesterday morning, and then I had 83 drawings, made in ten days. (I did a few more before leaving for the airport in the afternoon.) It has been hard work, but also incredibly fun, and a huge learning experience. I have seldom had so much practice in drawing people, for example. I also made a few notes on what I need to practice more in terms of drawing. It would be great to be able to do quick portraits. Need to find some willing subjects…

About today´s image: I am as awestruck as everybody else with the nativity façade (and check that out, I just learned how to do ç on the computer, I always ignored those little commas on c:s before). I have been drawing it in both ink and, as here, in a multiple colour pencil (four colours in the same lead, with no way to control what colour you are actually drawing with – FUN). I could probably spend a whole week drawing this façade, and then a couple of days on the passion façade too, but I stopped at a few hours for both – there was so much else to draw around this place.

24 x 16 cm, multicolour pencil on Saunders Waterford Satin 250 gsm (I think)  watercolour paper.

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