Last Sunday a few Stockholm sketchers met up at Dieselverkstaden (the Diesel workshop) in Sickla in Stockholm. The weather was smashing, one of those super sunny clear autumn days, and we had a great day. A few of us decided to start sketching outdoors – you have to take the chance now, before the snow comes…

Dieselverkstaden is a fantastic place, an old renovated industrial building with cafés, library, a climbing wall, art studios, workshops, music studios… People of all ages come here to take classes, have lunch, make music, climb a wall or just sip a coffee. Or do some sketching.


This is where I´m beginning to realize that the Hand Book is not quite my kind of sketchbook. As soon as I use more than one layer of watercolour in it, the paper starts buckling. It a neat size (I have the small square one), and I like the look and feel of it, but the pages are too thin and flimsy to be able to handle this much wet paint. A small problem on a global scale, of course, but trying out store-bought sketchbooks usually end up reminding me why I started binding my own. And why I should probably stick to that.

Top sketch: 27 x 13 cm, Namiki Falcon with Platinum carbon ink in Hand Book sketchbook.
Bottom sketch: 13 x 13 cm, same materials.

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