The ticket system for Stockholm public transport has been considered rather oldfashioned for quite some years now, with stamps, paper tickets and paper cards with magnet strips on them. But now we finally seem to be catching up with the rest of the world. It is all about plastic cards, credit card payments, sms tickets and whatnot. It´s getting so modern that you can´t even buy a single ticket on a bus anymore. (Good to know if you ever visit Stockholm.)



The last remnant of the old system is the 16 coupon paper strip, which will only be available to March this year. I have been using up some of these strips the last few years, and for some reason I didn´t throw them away, they all ended up in a little plastic ticket cover in my wallet. A while back I started doodling on one while waiting for a train, and this has turned into a favorite pastime while commuting to work. The strips are incredibly small for drawing, but I like how everything I sketch end up looking like comic strips.

The last two strips are from today´s sketching rendez-vous with two fellow sketchers at Stockholm Central Station.

25 x 5 cm, waterproof ink pens on Stockholms Lokaltrafik paper ticket strips.

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