Mittens and crayons


Yes, more drawing with mittens… With a more reasonable temperature today, 4°C, I brought some Neocolor crayons with me (not the watercolour kind), and did some sketching around Slussen in Stockholm. Higher temperature meant I could wear only knitted gloves on my right hand, giving me more control of my drawing tools. I kept the thick mitten on the left hand, which always gets cold holding the sketchbook.


Worn down concrete has it´s own kind of charm, and changing it´s colours makes it even more pretty. I love the play of light and shade around this place, especially if you go down beneath the surface where there are columns, tunnels and walls in every direction.


For this last sketch, I sat in a place that I think might be the dirtiest I have ever been sketching in, ever. My feet were in a puddle of mud, and water was dripping to my left from the highway above my head. The exhaust fumes from the road right next to me were intoxicating, to say the least. But what can you do, this was the best angle to capture this place.

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