Slussen panorama


I have been drawing a panorama of Slussen in Stockholm lately. Sitting in Gamla stan (Old town) you can see the whole area across the water. (Scroll above to see the whole image.) Since it´s been so cold during March, I have had to draw this at four different occasions, sitting between 30-45 minutes each time. Then my fingers were deep frozen and I had to go defrost in a nearby café.


I find Slussen so incredibly intriguing to draw, with it´s complex structure and many functions. There is people and traffic everywhere, trains, buses, cars, bikes and pedestrians are all competing for space. In the many tunnels (both walkways and traffic tunnels) the light is often fascinating, and the perspective is sometimes a real challenge. Plus the whole place is getting quite dilapidated but now, tiles are falling off the walls, it´s dusty and dirty, but still in constant use. To me this all adds to the interest I have of drawing here.

If you haven´t been to Stockholm, just so you can get an idea of the complexity of this place, here is a link to an Open Street Map view of Slussen (sort of the Wikipedia of maps, © OpenStreetMaps contributors).

66,5 x 14 cm, Staedtler and UniPin fineliners and Pitt Artist Big Brush pens on Moleskine Japanese album sketchbook.

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