My book is printed!

Drawing around Sagrada Familia book

I just got word (and images) from my publisher, Zahorí, that my book Drawing around Sagrada Família is printed! It is not for sale just yet, but soon will be. (I will let you know when it is.)

The sketches in it were drawn during ten days in August last summer, when I was invited by Zahorí to explore and draw the Sagrada Família and the streets around it. The sketches were made into a Sketch guide, the start of a new series of books that Zahori is producing. It was a fantastic experience, not just because the Sagrada Família is an amazing place, but also because I have never drawn so much and so intensely around one and the same subject before.

Gaudi and Sagrada Família books

Released along with my book, there is also a Sketch guide called Explore Gaudí by Swasky. Check it out here.

I will post more images as soon as I get my hands on a copy!

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