I finished this ink drawing at Västerbron (“Western bridge”) in Stockholm today. I have been sitting here drawing twice before, the first time I didn´t have time to finish, the second it was too windy so I had to leave. Today was perfect, warm, not much wind, and shade from the sun behind the bridge. Seagulls above my head, boats slowly passing by. Some tourists stopped to talk for a few minutes, otherwise just joggers passing by in their own earphone soundtrack bubble.


I love this bridge, connecting the two islands Södermalm and Kungsholmen. It is a typical Stockholm landmark, and standing on top of it you get a fantastic view of the city with City Hall, Old town and all. Sometimes you will find some kids bathing from the lower steps of the construction – of course that is strictly forbidden, but kids will be kids, hey?

All in all, this took me maybe four hours, working a lot with filling certain areas with ink and hatching. The photo above shows the work in progress, you can see the trees got a bit of shade to them in the finished version. Used pencil first for the passing boats, since I am not too familiar with drawing them.

Approx. 44 x 23 cm, Duke fude nib fountain pen with Platinum Carbon black ink on watercolour paper (don´t know what brand).

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