It is getting colder in Stockholm, but it´s still ok to be out drawing. Today was a little windy, though, so for my little sketching session at Slussen I chose to draw under a roof.

This is Saltsjöbanan station, a train that goes eastward, towards Nacka and the sea. I kind of avoided drawing this view before, because it is so complicated, and now that I finally decided to try it, I crammed it into one portrait format page. Crazy. I should have used a whole spread. I managed to put my hand in the ink (which dries slower now, because of the lower temperature) and made a mess of the whole thing. It was fun, though. I will have to try this view again on larger paper. And I have to learn how to draw pigeons.

13,5 x 21,5 cm, Duke fude nib fountain pen with Platinum Carbon ink, and watercolours on Stillman & Birn Alpha series sketchbook page.

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