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(If you can´t see the video above, here is a link to it. And please excuse the square video, but it is so instagrammable.)

I am still at it with my daily drawings from imagination, and I have to say this is a really interesting and fun thing to do, in many ways. The technique is not complicated – pencil and ink – so that´s really not much to write home about. But the ideas, characters and stories that are beginning to evolve are interesting to follow. Because that is what I feel I´m doing, I´m curiously following and wondering what will happen next.


Some characters have developed over these first three and a half months, and some of them keep coming back, showing up in new situations, meddling in the “lives” of other characters. Some drawings that started as single drawings, develop into little stories of two or more images, which is kind of surprising to me. I didn´t mean to make up stories, they have kind of made themselves up as I draw.


Coming up with ideas for these drawings is a strange process indeed. Some days I really don´t know what to draw until I sit down, pens and paper in front of me, close my eyes and think hard for a while. Other days, the ideas just pop into my head without any effort, all finished with details and all. Poof! Just like that. These are usually better visual ideas than in the first scenario, and they are usually easier to draw, for some reason.


And then, sometimes, I´ve noticed that I tend to collect little things here and there during the day (I usually draw these in the evening) and weave it all together, via some weird association path, into an image. Which usually, in the end, has nothing to do with the impressions I collected during the day.


Drawing-wise, I´m getting a good challenge in trying to draw the things I see before my “inner eye”. People, animals, buildings, environments, and all these strange perspectives are really giving me a good workout.


I will keep at it, my aim is to fill the whole calendar during 2015. I hope you will follow along! I´m posting all the images on, and some of them end up on my instagram too, sometimes along with a short timelapse video,

All drawings: approx. 8 x 13 cm, ink fineliners in Moleskine calendar.

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