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I had too little time to see everything that I wanted to see in Singapore (which is a good reason to come back some day!), but I did get a little sightseeing done after the Urban sketchers symposium ended. Among other things, I headed down to the water at Marina Bay, to enjoy the views. There is something special with skyscrapers – especially when you live in a city where there are very few. I had so much fun with Downtown Singapore and the watercolours!



Another must-sketch was of course the Marina Bay Sands hotel. I saw this building in every sketchbook I flipped through during the symposium, so I figured I had to draw it too. Found a place to sit in the shade underneath the ArtScience museum, happily sketching, when suddenly heavy rain surprised me – the only rain that I experienced in Singapore. Had to run inside for lunch together with that day´s sketching company,  Mark Leibowitz and his friend Alan from New York.


And the food in Singapore! One Singaporean sketcher told me that in Singapore, there are two national sports: eating and shopping. And I can totally understand the eating part! The food I had here was fantastic. There is everything in asian food to choose from in the hawker centres, and it´s cheap, fast and really good.

I also had a lot of kopi here, the local coffee where the beans are roasted with sugar and butter to give it that special flavor. It is brewed in big metal pitchers and come in a lot of varieties. It´s usually served with milk, or evaporated milk, and sugar. And as I am not a sugar-in-the-coffee person, I had to try all kinds, and learn all the words for it (there is a whole list!), to find my favorite: kopi-C Xiu Dai. Kopi with evaporated milk, no sugar. Perfect. 🙂

Top sketches: 42 x 15 cm, bottom 20 x 15 cm, various ink pens and watercolours on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook paper.

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