SAAB Sonett I


This Saturday, as I was heading out on my bicycle, I stumbled (if you can do that on a bike) across the annual meeting of the Swedish SAAB Sonett club. 20 or so sweet Sonetts, all neatly parked about 100 meters from our home – what are the odds of that happening?

Guess what? I cancelled my plans for the next two hours, and sat down behind this beauty to draw – a SAAB Sonett I, the first model, of which they only made six back in the day. You have to grab an opportunity like that, when it´s practically thrown at you!

28 x 15 cm, Lamy Safaris with DeAtramentis black document ink, and Noodler´s Lexington grey ink, and watercolours, in Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook.

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