Tiny cars


Two more from the tiny companion sketchbook. I found this old, seemingly abandoned, Pontiac Fiero in an industrial area when bicycling around. I don´t know about these eighties plastic car bodies, not really my cup of design tea, but definitely fun to draw.


You´ll never go wrong with a pink VW bus. When I spotted it, I immediately got off the bike and sat down on the curb to draw it. After a while, a Volvo drove by, stopped, and the driver came walking back. “Are you ok?”. I was into drawing, so a bit surprised, I didn´t get what he was talking about. I guess I answered something silly like “Huh?”. “Well, I just wanted to check if you had fallen off your bike, but I can see now that you´re drawing…”.

Aww. 🙂

Both drawings: 17,8 x 14 cm, fude nib fountain pen with black De Atramentis document ink and watercolours, on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook spread.

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