I draw a lot. Born in 1970, grew up in Umeå, living in Stockholm, Sweden, since way back.

I was going to keep studying natural science, maybe become a teacher, or biologist, or veterinary, or… but in the end, drawing was too interesting. Studied art for three years instead, graphic design and pre-press for one year, and then went to Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design and got myself a Visual Arts Teacher degree.

I have been teaching fine art, photography, graphic communication and a couple of other subjects in an upper secondary school south of Stockholm for fourteen years, and loved it a lot, but always kept drawing. Which has lead to some fine art and illustration production over the years, a few exhibitions, a huge international tribe of likeminded friends in the Urban sketchers community and a career change – since August 2017, I am teaching informative illustration at Mälardalen University in Eskilstuna. Life is never boring.

And I still draw a lot.

Photo: Ronny Leijon


Hi Nina Johansson,

Love your work!

I have posted it to my FB page after having discovered your page on Instagram along with your wonderful website. Trust this is ok – if not please let me know and I will do whatever you think appropriate.

Thank you for your time and sorry this is not in Swedish.


Hi Francesca!
Nice to hear from you, and I´m glad you like what I do. Perfectly alright to link to my work! 🙂

I saw your work in SketchBook Skool, and noticed you using “dots” to help with setting up drawings. Do you have a video describing in more detail your method?

Thank you,
Frank Wolff

Hi Frank,
no, I don´t have a video, but I described it in a book, Creative Sketching workshop, by Pete Scully. I wrote a chapter about sketching landmarks there.

Hallo Nina,
Just a post to let you know that I love your art and your enthousiasm. Every post of you on Instagram feels like a party to me.
Keep up the good work!

Kind regards,
Eric Coolen
illustrator based in Haarlem (NL)

Thanks a lot, Eric, glad to hear that! Especially since drawing gives ME such meaning and pleasure. 🙂

Hi Eric,
I don´t keep a stock of prints, but it is possible to order my sketchbook drawings as prints. Send me an email with which drawing you´d like, in that case, so I can give you an idea of price. 🙂

I love your self-description! And I love your work.

Your point about life never being boring reminds me of Sarah Simblet’s description in Sketchbook for the Artist: “ I will always draw, not only to make art, but because it is how I engage with and anchor myself in life. It makes me feel excited to be alive. “

All best and thank you for sharing your work on IG.

Thanks a lot, Andy! That is a very good quote from Sarah Simblet, her words resonate very strongly with me (and I love that book!).

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