Dessiner Liège 2018

A nice surprise landed in my mailbox recently – the book put together from the Drawing Liège event in 2018. So pretty, with drawings in every technique and style you can imagine.

So happy to have some of my drawings in it, and very pleased that my panorama of Liège was printed on a long fold-out page. Don´t you just love it when printed books are made with that little bit extra love and attention to detail, to make you want to flip through them again and again? 🙂

Drawing around Sagrada Família

Drawing around Sagrada Família

In 2012, I spent a week sketching around the Sagrada Família. Had an amazing time drawing the inside and out of this fantastic building, along with the intense street life around it. The two and a half sketchbooks that I filled was then published in this Sketchguide from Zahorí in 2013.

Right now, the book is available from at a very reasonable price, so if you´re into Gaudí, the Sagrada Família, Barcelona or just enjoy plain sketching and drawing, this is the moment to get your copy!

Want to see more? This link will take you to Zahorís intro of the book, with a video and all. Also, more pages from the original sketchbooks below.

Sagrada Família sketchbooks

Sagrada Família sketchbooks.