EDM challenge no. 56

Self portraits are so hard to make. Or portraits are hard to make, no matter who you´re drawing. I tend to get stuck in the little details and when I´m finished I find that the left eye is misplaced or the nose is too long or whatever. Like in the b/w one here (of course, most of you wouldn´t know, you just have to take my word for it). After making that one I thought – what if I make another one without any lines at all, that should make it hard to get stuck in details. So, with watercolors and a brush, I tried again. Just to discover that it wasn´t easier at all. Oh well. I guess it takes a bit more practice.

Anyway, I think I succeeded in capturing one thing: that almost angry, concentrated look (here with a slight touch of squint) you get from watching yourself in the mirror for too long…

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