Ok, so 2007 has begun, and people are making a lot of New Year´s resolutions everywhere, usually to loose weight and quit smoking. Now, my weight isn´t perfect but I can live with it, and I´ve never smoked, so I won´t bother with those two.
I´ve been more inspired be these folks who (among others, these are just a few) have made a conscious art plan for the new year.

Karen Winters
Casey T

This is a great idea, to actually sit down and put into words what you want to achieve with your art (or whatever it is that you do) and then tell the world about it. The telling part is probably the most important, if you tell a lot of people about your plans you have a bit of pressure to live up to them.

So, for 2007 I have a few thoughts on what I want to do:

1. Start drawing from my imagination again.
I have concentrated a lot on drawing and painting stuff that I see around me lately, and suddenly realized that I almost stopped drawing thoughts, fantasies, abstract ideas and so on. I´m going to play more. Usually these drawings contain people in different forms, which leads me to the next challenge:

2. Draw people.
I´m going to take advantage of the fact that I live a few 100 meters from a place where they have life drawing sessions every two weeks. I need to get better with the human figure, I want to be able to draw a person doing something without necessarily having someone doing it in front of my eyes.

3. Draw cars.
Just because I find it very amusing but incredibly difficult.

4. A series of drawings/paintings with a Stockholm theme.
Be it architecture, people, mere fantasies or whatever – Stockholm is a beautiful and inspiring place.

5. Paint without drawing.
Watercolours are great to work with, yet I think that you can never become a full-fledged expert in this medium. There is always something new to learn. This year it will be to let the paint do the job.

I think that will do. We´ll see how it goes.

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