Art plan in motion

I ran some errands in town yesterday, and had a quick coffee in one of the cafés I passed by. As I sat down, th Good Art Plan Fairy popped up on my left shoulder and whispered:
-You could take the chance to make a quick sketch of some people here, you know. You stated in your Art Plan that drawing people was an important thing to develop this year…

Immediately the Evil Procrastinator emerged on my right shoulder and started to shout:
-No, no, no, you stupid Art Plan Geek! This is a Coffee Break, not a drawing session! You can´t draw and drink coffee at the same time! The Art Plan starts tomorrow!

They started arguing, and I decided to shut them both up by doing one very quick drawing for ten minutes. The Art Plan Fairy looked pleased, and the Procrastinator was at least not angry since it was just a quickie, nothing fancy. They both gracefully faded away as the drawing was finished.

Ink pen on paper, colored afterwards with Inktense pencils and a waterbrush.

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