Every day in May no. 11

Believe me when I say I stepped out of my comfort zone here… Dolls… I don´t know. I was a bit short on time doing today´s drawing, and kind of grabbed what I had in front of me. The colors started to go berserk already from the beginning, and I kept trying to save them for a while, but it all turned into mud in the end.

My father found this doll under the woodshed at our summer house when I was a kid and it has been with me ever since. It is really a sweet doll, but I think there must be a dark side to it. In certain angles she looks like a maniac with her psycho stare and pale face. I think she has a serious problem to relax…

8 x 12 cm, light pencil drawing and watercolors on a small Moleskine Watercolor page.

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