A few more pages

I have been out and about for a couple of weeks, doing a lot of other stuff besides drawing. I can never stop drawing completely, though, so here are a few pages from the sketchbook again.

The first two pages are drawn in Halmstad, a town on the west coast of Sweden. I took a whole day of drawing there, all on my own. (The downside of drawing a lot, is that non-drawing people you travel with get frustrated with you staying too long in one spot. I always try to make room for some days when I´m on my own and can sit and draw as long as I like. Luckily, my dear M is completely OK with this.)

The last page is from the area where my in-laws live, also quite near the west coast. The cranes woke us up a few mornings, much too early for my taste… I had never heard their sound before, it´s almost a shout, very loud. They walked around in the field beside the house, it´s exciting to get so close to them.

All pages are 16 x 21.5 cm, Lamy Safari, sometimes pencil, Noodler´s ink and watercolours on Artches satin paper.

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