Too short and too high, I know. In my art plan for 2007 I had drawing cars as one of the goals, simply because I find cars incredibly difficult to draw and I thought it would be good practice to give them a try. I can´t really understand why cars should be harder to draw than any other objects though. It should be the same as drawing a flower or a house or whatever – just LOOK, maybe measure, and then draw. But it´s not. Cars are impossible, annoying, tricky subjects that completely seem to evade my efforts to capture them on paper.

Still, I can´t just give up, can I? So I have tried twice this summer to draw our car, with various results. The small drawing was made today, from our balcony. Difficult angle, but then all angles are difficult with cars. I kind of like the big one, though, totally wonky, looks like a caricature of the car itself. Actually, when I look at them, both drawings look like caricatures.

Of course, my feelings will be hurt if you can´t see what make of car it is. 😉

Bigger drawing: 15 x 11 cm, Lamy Safari and Noodler´s black ink. Smaller drawing: 8 x 6.5 cm, Lamy Safari and Noodler´s Lexington Grey ink. Both on Arches satin paper in a sketchbook.

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