Stockholm landmark

If you would ask someone living in Stockholm what they think is a typical landmark here, I´ll bet 80 % would say City Hall (Stockholms Stadshus). The rest would go for the Globe arenas (Globen). Both are important parts of the Stockholm silhouette, but if I had to choose a favorite it would definitely be City hall. It is such a cool building. Throwing a glance at it, you think that the wings of the building are somewhat symmetrical. Drawing it, you realize they aren´t. No wall on this building has the same design as any other.

I drew and painted most of it on location, with a Japanese tourist leaning over my sketchbook for about four minutes, smiling and nodding.

After I did the City hall drawing, I took a coffee break at Riddarholmen, and drew these two ladies having a discussion over lunch. It´s a fast drawing, but I think it turned out pretty ok. Added the yellow several days after I did the drawing, to get some kind of background.

Big drawing 16 x 20 cm, small drawing 14 x 8 cm, Lamy Safari, Noodler´s Lexington Grey and watercolours on Arches Satin paper.

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