Sketchbook drawings

Two more drawings from the same bike ride as in the last post. This is the first house I ever drew starting at the bottom and drawing upwards. Sat in a lovely little park near the Johannes church in Stockholm and drew and painted for about an hour or so. Finished some paint details at home.

Did another café drawing as well. The guy in the cap had such an interesting face and style, I just had to draw him. I don´t particularly like drawing in cafés, though, I often feel they are too crowded. It´s easier in the summer, when many cafés and restaurants have tables outside, often with a little more space around them. Not that I mind so much if people see me drawing, but I know I would feel a bit uncomfortable if I saw someone obviously trying to draw ME in their sketchbook, so I figure others feel the same. I don´t want them to see me looking at them.

Top drawing 8 x 20.5 cm, café drawing 16 x 12 cm. Lamy Safari, Noodler´s Lexington Grey and watercolours on Arches Satin paper.

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