Another angle

So, now I´ve tried a few takes on the view from our kitchen window. I used different primary triads of watercolours, together with one earth colour, tried to find different compositions and so on, but I still think they all look kind of the same. And a funny thing is, it took me until this third watercolour to discover what it is that feels so awkward to me about these: They are paintings! I don´t have any ink lines in there! I feel kind of lost in space… I´m getting too used to drawing, and I don´t really feel comfortable with just colours any more.

I´m taking a two-day watercolour class soon, one that promises experimental techniques and ways of letting watercolours do their “thing”. I´m looking forward to it, hoping to find a way out of my need to control this media all the time. I think the small formats of these have got a lot to do with the way I get far too deep into details, but I think trying out some unorthodox techniques and getting new input from others may do a lot of difference too. We´ll see.

14 x 20.5 cm, watercolours on Arches 300 gsm watercolour paper, fine grain.

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