Dip pens!

Every now and then I just have to bring out my dip pens and a bottle or two of ink. As much as I love drawing with Lamy Safari (I use it every day, even at work), nothing, and I mean NOTHING, beats dip pens for drawing with ink. Once you find the nibs you love, you just have to keep on drawing with them. A little more pressure and you suddenly have a thicker line, hold the pen straight up on it´s tip and the lines get thin as hairs…

I have no idea what nibs I used for these drawings, I have a whole jar of them, and I change them quite often while drawing.

They all have their own personality, and depending on my mood or what I want to do, I like different nibs.

The only disadvantage with these lovely drawing instruments is that it´s kind of messy to bring them along to draw somewhere else than at a sturdy table at home. I would love to take them with me on a drawing tour on the town, but I haven´t dared to yet. I know I will spill ink all over my jeans, I just know it.

Drawings are different sizes, dip pens and different inks on large Moleskine sketchbook pages.

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