Sagrada Família sketchbook


This image has been posted before – in March last year, I believe – but I´m using it again to let you know what I´ve been up to lately. I am finishing some illustrations and other work before leaving for this summer´s most challenging mission.

I have been invited by Zahorí Packaged Ideas to make a sketchbook about the Sagrada Família in Barcelona, for Efados Edicions. I am of course thrilled to be given this opportunity, and I am also excited about the drawing challenge that it is to make a whole sketchbook about one subject in a very short time. I´m always drawing a lot, but this is extreme. I will be drawing from dawn to dusk every day, which will be a new experience.

This is the second time this summer I´m traveling abroad on my own. The Dominican Republic for the Urban Sketchers Symposium a few weeks ago, and now this. A very drawing focused summer indeed.

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