Toyota, Santo Domingo


I am back home after a fantastic experience at the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). I haven´t yet had time to scan and sort all drawings and photos from there, but here is a sketch that I photographed in the parking lot where I had my workshop.

The workshop started with the participants making marks on papers with any kinds of tools (I have written a post on that before – how to loose your fear of the white paper), then giving them to someone else to draw on. I got mine from Richard, who cleverly put purple stains on the paper with a fruit that fell down from the tree above our heads (someone said it was almonds, I wouldn´t know).

The Toyota truck was looking all beat up and interesting, and just standing there in the parking lot, as if waiting to be drawn. I used a bamboo pen and india ink, then added watercolours. Fun fun fun. 🙂

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