People people people


I have been inside the Sagrada Família today, which is kind of a mind-blowing experience. I was inside once before, last time I was in Barcelona, but I still got the same surprising feeling this time. This place is really… something else. It could be a church, definitely. But it could also be a set to shoot a scene for a Star wars movie. In a good way. It is terribly beautiful, and it is SO unlike anything else I have seen.

Drawing in the Sagrada Família is a bit of a challenge, not only because of the complexity of the place. There are people everywhere. All the time. Non stop. This is not the place to go sketching if you like to keep your sketchbook to yourself, and sketch without onlookers. Wherever you are in this church, you are very close to someone else – in spite of the immense space inside. But it is a very interesting place to draw, and it´s easy to get lost in that forest of pillars. At the end of my visit today, I began feeling a bit weak and very hungry. I checked the time, and realised I had been inside drawing for five and a half hours… Time flies when you´re having fun. : )

24 x 16 cm, UniPin ink pen and watercolours on Somerset 250 gsm printing paper.

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