Sagrada icecream


Across the street from the Passion facade of the Sagrada Família is a kiosk with icecream, coffee and cold drinks. Actually, across any street on any side of Sagrada Família, you will find little shops with icecream, coffee and cold drinks. And there is always a queue in front of them. But this particular one is in front of the Passion facade. People waiting for things are fun to draw, and they stand reasonably still too, so I took the chance to capture some of them today.

I was lucky to have the company of some local sketchers today, from early afternoon until late night. We all started out sketching in this park, and we all ended up in a tapas bar in Rambla de Catalunya. : )

24 x 16 cm, UniPin ink pen and watercolours on Somerset 250 gsm printing paper.

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