Slussen, summer mode


It´s been a while, because work is always a bit crazy at the end of the school year here, and I have been swamped.  But since my summer holiday finally started yesterday afternoon, and today offered fantastic weather, I decided to celebrate my first day off by going drawing at Slussen again. Made two drawings, and the one below had to be quick, because my Nordic skin can only take so much sun…


Stockholm has a winter and a summer face. Winter makes people stressed and cold, seems like everyone is hurrying to go somewhere. But in summer, everyone switches to their sunny mode. People are so relaxed now, taking it more slow, enjoying the warmth and each other. Ryssgården, the square in front of the Slussen metro station, is an ongoing social event all day when the sun is shining. Perfect place for people watching.

Top drawing: 25 x 14 cm, bottom drawing: 18 x 14 cm, Uni Pin ink pen in Moleskine Japanese album.

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