It´s been a long time since I did any life-drawing but tonight I went down to the local cinema/theatre/café and took a two-hour session. It feels just like when you didn´t exercise for a year and suddenly go back to the gym. You feel like you´ve lost the whole thing since last time. I made perhaps… ten drawings this evening, and only this one turned out ok, the rest of them look like crap.
I couldn´t keep myself from putting some color on this when I came home. The skin tone is just a background color shining through – there is no better thing to do when you are going to draw something difficult than to mess up the white page a little before you begin. Splash some paint on it and you get less nervous about the result – the page is already ruined anyway!

I feel ok with the evening although most of my drawings turned out bad. If I keep up the good work and go back to those life-drawing sessions a few times I´ll be back in my good old shape again in no time! (Well, I have to try to be positive!)

By the way, this is the first page in my new big yellow sketchbook.


Nina — This is incredibly beautiful ….! I don’t know about slim models, but whatever you’ve done, you’ve done exceptionally well! BEAUTIFUL!

Wow, I think you did an awesome job on this figure! If you are not happy with this one, then I can’t wait to see one that you like. Great job.

I think you did an excellent job with this. I actually think slimmer models are less interesting to draw. For me, I like all the shadows and curves in more ‘well endowed’ models. Looking forward to seeing more of your life-drawing!

I would love to be able to produce such a piece after having been away from figure drawing for a while… very nice. I like the idea of messing up the page first with some random paint splashes. It would definitely relieve some of the angst of getting started.

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